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BROY is a German craft brewery based in central Munich. Right from the start the co-founders’ aim was to shake up a industry, which particularly in Bavaria leaves little room for innovation, and to position BROY as a leading disruptor in the German beer scene.

As a full top-to-bottom branding project, a clear definition of the vision, values and voice of BROY, set the foundations for a strong visual identity. BROY had to be bold, young and hip, while still carrying a certain degree of connection to Bavarian cultural heritage. This is how the typographic treatment for the brand originated. The combination of the Grotesque and Fraktur fonts, Bertholt Akzidenz Grotesk and Sachsenwald, creates a strong visual contrast while also conveying historical and symbolic meaning.


The starting point of the branding process was the design of BROY’s core product: the BROY Helles can. Light, compact, lightproof and endlessly recyclable, the can is an optimal solution for brewers, but still struggles to assert itself in the German beer market. This made it even more challenging to design a product even reluctant consumers would feel attracted towards. The design solution leverages the shape of the can: the BROY logo goes all around it, so the consumer is prompted to pick it up and engage with it.