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VHF digital

VHF emerges as a creative duo which focuses on experimental moving image for the fashion industry. Their visual identity takes inspiration from the aesthetic of the early stages of the digital era giving it a modern twist with a unique and innovative interpretation of the subject. 

VHF later evolves into a revolutionary digital project: VHF is the first fashion publication of its kind, proposing exclusively curated video content, fuelled by creativity and tech innovation, it offers a direct shopping experience to connect readers and engage luxury brands. 

The online-only quarterly publication blends fashion with today’s digital conversation. VHF looks at everything through the lens of video as well as exploring innovative solutions such as CGI, VR/AR, videogame, digital art, music and live streaming.

Together with VHF’s co-founders, we envisioned a website which combines VHF’s distinct aesthetic with cutting edge technology and a unique, unconventional  user experience.


The issue opens with a 3D spinning cover, followed by a moving index page. To mimic the reading experience of a printed publication, VHF video journal is designed as a continuous lateral scroll. 

Influenced by the content, a bespoke gradient themed background is created for each issue. Layouts vary between vertical and lateral scroll, some even combine the two for a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Video courtesy of VHF digital 'Villa Ortizet' by Charlotte Taylor x Zyva Studio

Video courtesy of VHF digital 'Sphere' by Damien Krisl


A dedicated section of the website, VHF TV, brings curated and insightful news from the fashion world and functions as a livestream portal during fashion shows.

VHF’s most revolutionary feature, is the direct shoppability integrated throughout their content. By logging into their account, users can add their favourite clothes to their personal wardrobes while watching the videos. The wardrobe becomes their very own virtual space for inspiration and offers direct shopping to all featured items.